Since 2006, KSR has sought to empower at-risk students in Katy to set and achieve life-altering goals through mentorship, unconditional acceptance, and training for a half-marathon. Hundreds of former KSR students are living successful, healthy adult lives thanks to the values and habits developed in KSR. 


Our Mission

Through mentorship, unconditional acceptance and training for a half-marathon we empower youth to set and achieve life-altering goals.

Vision statement

We want our student athletes to leave KSR with an ability to set and achieve goals, a confidence to try new things, an ability to interact with others as contributing members of the community, and a desire to live by KSR's core values.

Core values

These six values guide the actions of the KSR board, its volunteers, and student-athletes.

  • Love: We treat ourselves and others with kindness and empathy. We accept each other.
  • Community: We work together as a team to support each other and respect the spaces in which we work and play.
  • Resilience: We have confidence in our abilities to move past adversity to reach our goals.
  • Trust: We believe in each other and the training process.
  • Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions.
  • Intentionality: We take each step in the pursuit of a goal with and for a purpose.
  • Growth: We face each day in the active search for better versions of ourselves.


They blossom in so many ways - not just in their interactions with each other and with adults - but their physique changes and their resilience changes. They go from doubting they can finish to wanting to see what new things they can achieve.
— Amy Malin, KSR mentor / coach